The Hostels You will come across in Fiji

The Hostels You will come across in Fiji

Lately, teens, young professionals, retirees, and active people, have always been on the go — touring places, visiting countries, hopping islands, and seeing the world. With stronger ties between countries, increased popularity of globalization, and wider media coverage of what the other parts of the world are, more and more people are enticed to go out of their comfort zones and experience the life of the people halfway across the globe. This makes tourism a very booming activity, business, and life in the recent years.


One thing really nice nowadays is that people with limited budgets can actually enjoy and still feel the thrill of vacationing. Young backpackers and couples may opt to stay in cheaper but livable places instead of the expensive and luxurious hotels and resorts. These tourists are usually those who want and prefer to stay outdoors and do active stuff during their visit, and their rooms would only serve as resting or sleeping quarters that’s why they are not so much concerned with the hotel facilities and amenities — as long as there’s a comfortable bed and good bathroom, then it would do fine. These hostels are much preferred by those who want to be on the move always.


In almost every tourist destination, hostels are found, especially in remote areas where it’s hard for hotels to penetrate and erect their buildings. Like for example in the small islands of the Pacific, you can find hostels in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, etc., because they serve as rest stops or pit stops in the travels and tours. Take for example in Fiji, there are several islands in the place, and if you want to go island hopping or visit an island in a day, it wouldn’t be advisable to go back to a hotel which is quite far from the site you are visiting. This is where the hostels in Fiji come in place. It becomes an ideal resting place for those mobile tourists and guests.


If you want to visit the islands, all you have to do is check out the hostels in Fiji through the internet, and find the hostel which you prefer based on the accessibility, convenience, and comfort. The web lists hundreds of hostels in Fiji and of the world, so you wouldn’t really find it hard to book and reserve. Their are plenty of hostels to choose from that are catered to your taste. When travelling with my boyfriend, I cam across a hostel that featured a gym next door with its a large room of Free Standing Punching Bag which my boyfriend loved as he was an amateur boxer at the time. Take a look:


Hostels in Fiji may be small compared to other hotels and resorts in the area, but you’ll get the same warmth and hospitability from the staff, because Fijians are like that by nature. So, all you have to do is reserve a room, enjoy your day, and return to the hostel to rest at the end of your long day. This way, you can surely save and spend your money in something else, instead of splurging in the expensive hotels, when in fact, you only stay there from late in the evening until early morning.


Reviews: The Taj Green Cove Kerala

Reviews: The Taj Green Cove Kerala

I sometimes read package holiday reviews by travellers before choosing a resort, and the Taj Green Cove was such a resort.

I’d like to give my review for what it is worth, and the first thing I’d like to say is that we had a great time, and it wasn’t that expensive, in fact cheaper than other options in Kerala.

Indeed we met several young couples who were definitely on honeymoons on a shoestring budget, and although I wouldn’t regard this Taj as one of the cheap honeymoon spots, eating out is so inexpensive that you can offset the cost of a good hotel by eating out.

Here is my opinion on the Taj Green Cove Resort Kerala.

The spa is amazingly good, the price was relatively cheap, but then again we hadn’t bargained for the 25% taxes, but even allowing for that the cost is reasonable, but missing from the spa was a sauna and Jacuzzi.

The nice pool and the spa make up for the fact that the Taj Green Cove is not on the beach, so you can be misled by the name, and although we realised this we didn’t realise it was a ten minute ride in a tuktuk to the Lighthouse beach, and this can be off putting.

To be fair the resort and the accommodation were well up to international five star standards. We were in a suite, lovely view, luxurious, DVD player, in fact most of the trimmings, including a beautiful view.

The swimming pool is an infinity pool, with overhanging tropical plants, but kept especially clean when you consider all the foliage. We spent a lot of very relaxing time around the pool.

The food did not inspire, and the Curries restaurant promised more than it delivered, and we were a bit disappointed in the breakfasts. As a result we ate out a lot, and whilst we found Lighthouse beach surrounds, and the beach itself pretty tacky, there were plenty of eating houses/shacks within easy walking reach.

Finally the staff were all very helpful, very willing to please, and unobtrusive, always the sign of a high class resort.

I would return to The Taj Green Cove, because I am not too concerned about being on a beach, but if you are then probably this isn’t the place for you.

Backpacking with your family: Is it possible?

Backpacking with your family: Is it possible?

For families who are wanting to take family vacations that will be peaceful and memorable, you don’t always have to spend a fortune. My favorite memories of spending time with my family weren’t in the islands or theme parks, they were of camping. Of course, not every family craves spending time in the great outdoors. I know some families who can’t live without electricity and a comfy bed. There are other options. If you’re looking to travel someplace, see if there are package deals that might include all of your meals. That could save your family quite a bit of money. Visit the beaches in the off-season to take advantage of lower rates and smaller crowds of people. Visit local destinations instead of venturing farther away. Also, be sure to bring with you a luggage set that is very durable and light weight for any younger children like IT luggage (click here for it luggage reviews). And remember, family vacations aren’t always about where you go or how much money you spend – it is about making memories.

Picking a new perfume for your travels

Picking a new perfume for your travels

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the finest perfume and cologne on the market. All that is required is a lot of patience and a ton of online shopping. You can find fantastic deals on perfume and cologne through discount online stores but they don’t necessarily pop up right away.

You want to make sure that you include the word “discount” or “wholesale” in your search. I tried looking for perfume and cologne at reduced prices and I chose the word “cheap” in my search. Evidently, the vendors had no concept of what that term means because there was nothing cheap in the selection.